SMART TOP™ Moulded Table Top

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Discover the unparalleled endurance and exceptional qualities of our SMART TOP™ Moulded table top. Crafted to withstand the test of time, this innovative material boasts an impressive array of features, such as:

Water Resistance

Our SMART TOP™ Moulded table top exhibits remarkable water resistance, with minimal changes in thickness even after immersion. It demonstrates less than 0.5% swelling in thickness after submersion in water, and a mere 8.9% swelling along with 53.5% water absorption after being boiled in 100°C water for 3 hours (TÜV SÜD PSB).


Stain Resistance

Bid farewell to unsightly stains! Our table top resists the most common culprits, including Ethanol 96%, Coffee, and Paraffin oil, which leave no mark even after one hour of exposure. It also stands strong against solid oils and fats, such as Vegetable oil, for a full 24 hours (BS EN 12720:2009).


Scratch / Surface Wear Resistance

The SMART TOP™ Moulded table top is virtually impervious to scratches, even when subjected to the rigors of daily use. It withstood three cycles of 6" back-and-forth movements with BV standard ceramic plates (2.27kgs) and mugs (1.36kgs) without a scratch, as demonstrated by CPSD-HL-01055-MTHD. Say goodbye to worries about cutting board marks!


Impact Resistance

No visible damage, no matter the force or shock it endures. Our table top remains resilient in the face of intense impacts.


Peel Resistance

Thanks to our innovative fusion process, which directly bonds HPL to the core, our table top boasts exceptional peel resistance.


High Density

With a density measuring an impressive 823.62 kg/m³ (CPSD-HL-01056-MTHD / STANDARD MEASURE), our SMART TOP™ offers unmatched durability.


Dimensional Stability

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our table top exhibits incredible dimensional stability. It remains unaffected by moisture and temperature fluctuations, ensuring it won't warp over time. To maintain its pristine condition, we recommend installing it with adequate support, such as an apron, metal frame, or crossbar.

The SMART TOP™ Moulded table top – a true testament to endurance, quality, and style.

SMART TOP™ Composition

The SMART TOP™ is meticulously crafted, comprising several key layers that ensure both durability and aesthetics:

Overlay: The topmost layer of the SMART TOP™ is designed for superior performance, offering protection against wear and tear while maintaining its stunning appearance.

Printed Décor Paper: Beneath the overlay, a meticulously printed décor paper adds style and character, allowing you to choose from a wide range of designs to suit your taste.

Kraft Paper Sheets: Multiple layers of kraft paper, saturated with high-quality melamine resin, provide exceptional strength and resilience to the SMART TOP™

Core: At the heart of the SMART TOP™ lies a robust core, lending structural integrity and stability to the entire composition.

Backing Layer: The backing layer completes the ensemble, ensuring that the SMART TOP™ remains secure and dependable.


Experience the perfect blend of style and substance with SMART TOP™