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KIAN Contract is a leading provider of indoor and outdoor furniture that is targeted at the commercial sector, in particular, the F&B, hospitality and education segments.

Contract Furniture Specialist. KIAN Contract specialises in providing commercial furniture that is robust, hard-wearing, stable and long-lasting. We have a long-established global reputation as a supplier of high quality restaurant furniture and café furniture, with customers that span over 400 brands worldwide in the F&B industry alone. Our standing in the QSR market also speaks for itself; McDonald’s Worldwide has been our valued customer for almost a decade.

Intelligent Solutions. As a one-stop contract furniture centre, we consolidate and supply all your furniture needs. More than that, we back you with intelligent solutions, patented technologies and all-in-one packages that anticipate and tackle obstacles, and also help draw customers to your door. Behind the scenes, we are supported by our manufacturing capabilities, the sheer variety and volume of ready-made, high quality indoor and outdoor furniture, and a comprehensive logistics network that optimises the cost of distribution for our customers.

Immediate Supply. Few, if any, in our industry have the immense capacity to stock tens of thousands of furniture items which can be transported at a moment’s notice in response to emergency situations, unforeseen circumstances and short deadlines. KIAN’s huge warehousing facilities and expertise as a furniture solutions provider enable us to deliver a wide assortment of tables, chairs, sofas, loungers and other pieces of furniture to you in very short time if urgently needed.

Local Service. KIAN Contract believes in closely servicing the requirements of the end consumer. We are wherever your establishment is situated to give you the kind of attentive local service which our customers have come to expect. Our service is also value-added with the expert skills, handling, logistics support and broadened outlook of an experienced global player.

Affordable. We have the unparalleled advantage of being in constant control of quality, quantity and cost, throughout our supply chain. Our high production volume in our own factory gives us economies of scale. These savings in cost are passed on to our customers to make our furniture highly affordable. We also network with global partners to source for the best furniture at the best prices.

Original Designs. Original and unique, our contract furniture items are the results of close collaborations with recognised international furniture designers to produce furniture that is creative, comfortable and a joy to behold. Keep a lookout for our popular catalogues that regularly feature new offerings, new ideas and new designers.


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