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Pedro Biomass Chair   Vesper Biomass Chair

An innovative product made from Polypropylene (PP) and Rice Husk, a highly sustainable agro-waste material. They emit less energy and greenhouse gases during production, and their use helps to conserve fossil fuel resources. Its materials are USDA certified Bio-based material and listed in USDA Bio-Preferred Catalogue. No deforestation or land clearing has taken place in the production of these chairs. With its modern style and versatile colour options, they are a perfect fit for restaurants, to be used as a study desk chair, a hotel waiting lounge chair, or dining chair for your home.

These bioplastic chairs, upcycles agro-waste, thus contributing positive impacts on the environment. The durability of our bioplastic chairs guarantees that they will last for an extended period. Consumers are making a smart and responsible choice that not only adds value to their lives but also contributes to the betterment of the world we live in.

Biomass is a patented range of bio-based plastics manufactured partly from inedible agricultural waste (agro-waste) which is set to revolutionise the plastic manufacturing industry. Biomass makes switching from petroleum-based plastics to bio-based plastics highly feasible as it can be processed with conventional machinery and tooling. Biomass provides the mouldability of plastics with the sustainability of bioplastics, resulting in a reduction in carbon footprint by up to 75%.


Sustainable Source

Biomass is partially made of agro-waste, making it eco-friendly. It’s versatility in application into different colours and ability to be moulded into different shapes and textures makes it comparable to conventional plastics such as Polypropylene (PP) and High Impact Polystyrene. The cost of producing TEXa® is also competitive and comparable to conventional petroleum-based plastics. 


Benefits To The Environment

Biomass upholds the principle of the circular economy as advocated by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), in which nothing goes to waste. It also upholds the 5R’s guide to environmental conservation as listed below: 




Benefits To People

In the long term, communities will enjoy a cleaner world as less energy is used and less green house gasses are released into the environment.

Regulations and Certification


Biomass is a USDA certified Bio-based material and is listed in USDA Bio-Preferred Catalogue.