Solid Balau Slats

At once rugged and casual, the Balau table top is ideal for dining and entertainment activities out in the open air. This table top looks just right whether at mealtime gatherings in restaurants or in alfresco settings.

Product Dimensions

600rd x T20
700rd x T20
800rd x T20
900rd x T20
1000rd x T20
1200rd x T20
1500rd x T20

W600 x D600 x T20
W700 x D700 x T20
W800 x D800 x T20
W900 x D900 x T20
W1000 x D1000 x T20
W1200 x D1200 x T20
W1500 x D1500 x T20

W800 x D600 x T20
W1000 x D700 x T20
W1200 x D700 x T20
W1300 x D700 x T20
W1500 x D900 x T20
W2100 x D900 x T20
W2400 x D900 x T20