HPL with Straight PVC Edging

Product Dimensions

600rd x T25
700rd x T25
800rd x T25
900rd x T25
1050rd x T25
1200rd x T25

W600 x D600 x T25
W700 x D700 x T25
W800 x D800 x T25
W900 x D900 x T25
W1050 x D1050 x T25
W1200 x D1200 x T25

W600 x D800 x T25
W600 x D1100 x T25
W600 x D1200 x T25
W700 x D1100 x T25
W700 x D1200 x T25
W900 x D1500 x T25
W900 x D1800 x T25

* Available in wood grain and solid color